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Apple Chooses the 2019 iPhone A13 Chip Manufacturer

Apple has only recently launched the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and the company is now gearing up for the debut of iPhone XR, but this doesn’t mean it’s not already working on the next-generation model.

The 2019 iPhone, whose name is obviously still an enigma at this point, will come with chips manufactured by TSMC, as Apple has decided to go with the same company as for the latest-generation iPhones.

TSMC has been building iPhone chips since the A10 chip released in 2016, and will continue to be the exclusive manufacturer for one more generation. As it happens with every generation, Apple will design all chips in-house.

Very little is known about the 2019 iPhone A13 chip, but a report from Digitimes indicates that Apple picked TSMC especially because it has what it takes to build high-quality chips in high volumes. Meeting Apple’s requirements and demand isn’t a job for every manufacturer, and App... (read more)

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