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Brymo: Singer fully displays his 'Wizardry' under the dark clouds at 'Organized Chaos'

For a moment, the heavens threatened to open up, someone whispered, the ''Oso'' is yet to perform, the rain will wait, and it did for Brymo at 'Organized Chaos'.

October 1, 2018 for Nigerians was an opportunity to celebrate an Independence day that continues to have next to no meaning, but for disciples of Brymo, it was a day when a 'god' takes to the stage and it was mindblowing to see how they gathered to worship at his feet.

Monday night is one that regular concert goers have come to expect from Brymo, while for first timers, it was an experience that was worth it and one they cannot wait to enjoy again.

Off the back of his sixth body of work, ''Oso'' and a standout performance in UK less than a week ago, it was the turn of Lagos to experience Brymo in his elements and the ground yet again was Freedom Park, Ikoyi, Lagos.

'Organized Chaos' is Brymo's annual headline concert, devoted to his core fans and the night opened with performances from the 'Wura Samba' band led by its percussionist, an indigenous group that thrilled the audience in rich Yoruba music setting the mood for what was to come on the night.


Rock artist, Clay also featured with an impressive set getting the crowd to sing along as she performed 'Ogadisinma', while the eccentric alternative artist, Ibeji wearing his famed Afro and dark shades took the crowd on a journey across his catalogue of songs.

As the clouds darkened the more and the heavens opened up in shutters, the crowd began to get uneasy, they had gathered here to watch a magician cast his spell and only his best could satiate their thirst.


Interacting with some of his fans at the venue, one called him a 'god' among musicians and Brymo seems to relish the adulation, or how else do you explain a period where his appearance on stage is delayed and the fans like a pre-planned ochestra, began to scream out his name multiple times, before breaking into the hit song, 'Fe Mi'.

This was the moment that sparked his arrival as Brymo cladded in an all white outfit took to the stage to justify why thousands had gathered at his request.

Flanked by two dancers and his band, Brymo opened his set performing 'Down', ''Something dey go down down'', to which the crowd sang along passionately.


The songs were not dance anthems, but it was magical to watch the young crowd lost in the moment, dancing, smiling and chorusing every line of the songs.

Immediately after the first song, Brymo paused to interact with the crowd, many had gone from fans to becoming family as he identified faces and even called some by names, promising them a night to remember, ''We are going to injure ourselves'', to which the crowd roared excitedly.

For the next hour, Brymo ran through some fan favorites from his projects, old and new, including gems like ''Alajo Shomolu', Prick No Get Shoulder' and 'Banuso.'


With Brymo on stage, there is a desire not just to perform, but to connect, spiritually, intimately and emotionally and it is performances like the one witnessed on the night that defines the artist he is and the one he will be remembered for.

Byrmo may never have the biggest of crowds, but he has enough to hone his legacy on and 'Organized Chaos' provides him with the launching pad to bring it all together.

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