Flop of the Week: The 3 LASU lecturers fired for sexual harassment take the L - Labarai Ingantattu


Flop of the Week: The 3 LASU lecturers fired for sexual harassment take the L

Flop of the Week: 3 LASU lecturers fired for sexual harassment

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

On October 9, 2018, Pulse News Agency Local by NAN published the story of three Lagos State University Lecturers who were sacked for sexual harassment related offences upon a decision by the institution’s Governing Council ttaken at its 119th Statutory Meeting on Oct 4.

This was also upon a recommendation by the Joint Council/Senate (Academic) Disciplinary Committee, as announced by the University Spokesperson, Mr Ademola Adekoya.

The dismissed lecturers were, Dr. Sunkanmi Odubunmi, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Dr. Ajani Ogunwande, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Dr. Emmanuel Gbeleyi, Lecturer II, Department of Anatomy, Lagos State University College of Medicine (LASUCOM), Ikeja, Lagos.

In a statement, Adekoya said, the decision of the university was also in line with its drive to continually promote the welfare of both deserving staff and students of the institution. Dr. Odubunmi and Ogunwande had invited the female students whom they had harassed and failed their courses to their office to write an exam on a Saturday.

On his part, the article states that “LASUCOM lecturer, Gbeleyi was reported by two female students who he asked to buy an injection, which he allegedly used to sedate them before he sexually took advantage of them.

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Sexual Harassment in Nigerian Universities


The Eedris Abdulkareem classic, Mr. Lecturer, released in the early 2000s documented the reality of sexual harassment by the Nigerian lecturers — it’s a ‘normal thing’ that most of us passed through and have accepted. 

Through most of our respective years in the University, we must have had one or two friends who passed through the madness.

It’s always good music when these abusive lecturers — high men in high places - get exposed and humiliated for the fraud they are. 

It feels good to know that there someone has the back of these abused women. The worst part is that most of these lecturers feel invincible.

Well, who’s laughing now, Mr. Lecturer?? Cop your L with gaari and sleep. The women pointed you and said #MeToo your #TimesUp.

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