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GitHub Announces Actions, Available in Beta Right Now

GitHub has recently announced Actions, a new tool that makes it possible to automate your workflow with a rich set of features, including connecting and sharing containers for software development.

Technically, with GitHub Actions developers are allowed to run a series of tasks, like building, packaging, and updating projects, without any code, all by simply automating the process with pre-defined actions.

GitHub Actions supports all languages, and it is available right now as a limited public beta – this means that you need to register as soon as possible to try it out, as the company can stop accepting new testers anytime soon.

“By applying open source principles to workflow automation, GitHub Actions empowers you to pair the tools and integrations you use with your own custom actions or those shared by the GitHub community, no matter what languages or platforms you use,” GitHub says in an announcement.

“Develop and share actions to automate any task your proje... (read more)

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