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GPU-Z 2.12.0 Can Detect Fake NVIDIA Graphics Cards

A new version of GPU-Z comes with detection of fake NVIDIA graphics cards, warning users as to whether the hardware installed in their systems come with manipulated specs or not.

GPU-Z 1.12.0 currently works with just a limited selection of video cards, but parent company TechPowerUp says this feature is forward compatible.

“This capability is forward compatible for the supported GPUs (listed in the changelog), so for example, it will be able to detect a fake RTX 2060, which in reality uses a GK106 GPU,” it says.

The supported graphics cards are NVIDIA GPUs (G84, G86, G92, G94, G96, GT215, GT216, GT218, GF108, GF106, GF114, GF116, GF119, GK106).

While detecting an NVIDIA graphics card whose model and technical capabilities have been manipulated to be disguised as a more expensive board isn’t possible when holding it in hand, GPU-Z can help with a [FAKE] tag in the main UI, as well as with a big exclamation mark next to it.

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