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Manchester United: Club legends Scholes, Ferdinand want Mourinho fired

Jose Mourinho

Ferdinand and Scholes have given their verdict on what it will take to get Manchester United firing again.

Manchester United club legends Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes have reiterated their desire to see Jose Mourinho sacked after another lacklustre display.

The two former Manchester United star ripped apart Mourinho’s tactics against Valencia in their second UEFA Champions League group game which ended goalless at Old Trafford.

The result complements the deep in form suffered by Manchester United as they are now winless in four consecutive games.

Speaking while in punditry duties with BT Sport, Scholes and Ferdinand gave a scathing assessment on Mourinho tactics and set up,

Scholes went as further saying that he could not believe that he was not fired over the weekend after a 3-1 loss to West Ham United.

He said, “I'm sat here surprised that he survived Saturday. His mouth is out of control and he's embarrassing the club.”


The veteran midfielder stated that he is not impressed with the way Mourinho is killing the confidence of the players in the media.

He said, “He's constantly having a go at players. He's having a go at those above him because he's not getting what he wants. I think his mouth is probably out of control and I think he's embarrassing the club.”

Ferdinand on other hand was more cautious in his analysis of the situation as he stated that the performance on the day was not just acceptable.


He said, “There's not a work ethic. The attitude doesn't seem right. No one's said about not going out there to win – people want to win football matches.

“If you could win it easily you would. Football's not easy, you have to work hard. That's a basic trait of any footballer or any team to be successful they have to have.

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“This team doesn't have that, and where does that come from? That comes from and is driven by one person at the top, the manager. It falls at his feet.”

The result makes the pressure on Mourinho pile up more going into their next fixture against Newcastle United.

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