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Photo Of The Day: Omoni Oboli and her gang!

Omoni Oboli and her sons, Chizi, Gozi and Tobe

Omoni Oboli has got the cutest sons!

Ever thought of attacking Omoni Oboli? Lol! Have a rethink because she's got a gang of some young fine gentlemen.

For every time we've seen Omoni Oboli and her sons, it just goes to show how these young boys are gradually turning into fine gentlemen.

On our photo of the day, we've got Omoni Oboli and her gang which includes her three charming sons. Apparently, this photo was taken as part of the family's celebratory mood during the just concluded Independence Day celebration.

It's a simple photo, nothing too glamorous but just a pretty mum and her adorable sons all looking dapper. If you take a closer look at this photo, you can see how tall these young guys have become, leaving their mum behind. Then again we have these young men looking so much like their cute mum.

Like they say "An apple doesn't fall far from its tree" so we know why there is so cuteness all over this photo. Just in case you don't know the names of Omoni's boys, they are Tobe, Gozi, and Chizi.

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