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Police Told Not to Make Eye Contact with the iPhone X

Police officers in the United States are being instructed how to handle an iPhone X or iPhone XS seized as part of a criminal investigation, with official documents emphasizing that law enforcement should avoid looking at the device directly.

Slides shown by forensics company Elcomsoft during a presentation with US police officials recommend avoiding eye contact with new-generation iPhones because otherwise, the devices can end up locked up for ever.

Face ID, the facial recognition system on the new iPhones, allow five different failed scanned attempts, after which the user is prompted to provide the password.

Under the Fifth Amendment, suspects can refuse to provide their passwords, so police officers shouldn’t waste the unlock attempts by looking at the device.

Don’t waste any face recognition attempt!

Elcomsoft CEO Vladimi Katalov says not handling the new-generation iPhones correctly can lead to an incident similar to what happened .

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