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Spotify Launches Endless Artist Radio

Spotify is making a few changes to its Premium product. And they’re probably a little overdue, to be honest. As good as Spotify is, it’s facing increased competition from Apple Music and others, so the company really needs to start innovating to retain users.

Spotify Launches New Premium Features

In a post on For the Record, Spotify the changes it’s making to Premium. Spotify Premium subscribers can now enjoy a more streamlined experience designed to help them navigate, try Personalized Search, and make use of Endless Artist Radio.
The headline feature is Endless Artist Radio. This feature, as the name suggests, offers an endless playlist based on an individual artist or song. These are designed with your own music tastes in mind. And you can even download them to play offline later.

The second new feature is Personalized Search. Spotify has redesigned the Search page so that it now offers a lot more than a simple search function. There are artists, albums, podcasts, and listeners’ preferred genres allowing them to dive right in.
Spotify has also streamlined navigation, cutting the number of tabs down from five to three. Browse and Radio are gone, with Browse folded into Search, and Radio now merely an option after you have searched for an artist. Which all makes perfect sense.

The Start of the Music Streaming Wars

These updates have started rolling out to Spotify Premium subscribers on Android and iOS from today. We’re sure Apple and Google will counter these features with their own updates soon, but that just means streaming music is going to keep on getting better.

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